CryptoVarna @ Bloomberg TV

Galin and Georgi participated in “In Development” TV show on Bloomberg, presenting CryptoVarna and the new privacy regulations in Europe – #GDPR. Two releated projects were announced: Mimirum Network – distributed user-owned database for personal information with zero-knowledge interface for business queries GDPR.CASH – community and marketplace for GDPR experts Read more…

CryptoVarna @ TV Europe

Our colleagues Marten and Julian presented CryptoVarna and most of its project and the national television TV Europe.   Congrats to Julian for mentioning almost all existing projects, indie organizations and events in Varna for just 20 minutes – #CryptoVarna, #LoRa, #Mimirium, #GDPR.CASH, #VarnaLab, #Innovator, #Innowave, and more.